About us

The brand “Dro” (means TIME) was founded in 2021, inspired by Georgian ornaments, miniatures, textile and other cultural heritage. Our goal is to introduce you to history with our vision, which will be a part of everyday life and will beautify the interior of every customer’s home.

Our main focus is tablecloths, however we also produce cushions. At the same time, within the framework of “Dro and Partners” we make handmade ceramic pottery, which is painted by hand – using the design created by “Dro”. We promote beginners and experienced entrepreneurs to popularize and sell products.

We make each item with great love. Tablecloths with a passport – a historical overview of the ornaments will be given to you in print, as well as on the back of the table you will find a history that will never leave you.

Quality is the most important aspect, therefore tablecloths are made of appropriate textiles that do not absorb liquid droplets and are very practical for everyday use.